Year: 1997

Gays demand share of looted Nazi gold

Bid to win Compensation for Homosexuals persecuted by Hitler Members of OutRage! picketed the London conference on looted Nazi gold at Lancaster House today, Tuesday, 2nd December. The protesters held placards demanding “Compensate gay victims of Nazism”. They were greeted with a friendly smile and a wave from British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, as he Gays demand share of looted Nazi gold

Sex, Homophobia, and Media lies

New rules against press intrusion protect only royalty and the rich. We need new laws to stop media homophobia and dishonest reporting. Following the death of Princess Diana, demands for controls on the paparazzi have resulted in the Press Complaints Commission drawing up tough new rules to protect the right to privacy and stop media Sex, Homophobia, and Media lies

Outing – the truth behind the headlines

Media reporting of the outing furore was a classic example of homophobia, double-standards, misrepresentation, abuse and censorship. When the Sunday Mirror last year outed Eastenders heart-throb, Michael French, there was no dispproval or rebuke from the rest of the media. Not a single newspaper denounced outing or defended French’s right to privacy. This silence contrasts Outing – the truth behind the headlines

Queer Remembrance Day

Nearly 300 lesbians and gay men attended a Ceremony of Remembance at the national war memorial, the Cenotaph, in London, on Sunday, 2nd. November. They were commemorating lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who died fighting Nazism and who perished in the concentration camps. The ceremony was organised by OutRage!, who declared Sunday, 2nd. November “Queer Queer Remembrance Day

Call to suspend British aid to Zimbabwe

The Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, is being urged to halt British aid to Zimbabwe, in protest at the country’s victimisation of lesbians and gay men. The call comes from the gay rights group OutRage! as Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, arrives in Edinburgh to attend the Commonwealth summit. Gay protests against Mugabe are planned in Edinburgh Call to suspend British aid to Zimbabwe

Letter to Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl

The Chancellor, Bundeskanzleramt, D-53106 Bonn, Germany. 20-October-1997 I am writing on behalf of OutRage! –the campaign for lesbian, gay and bisexual human rights– concerning the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi era and the subsequent mistreatment of gay holocaust survivors by the German authorities. We are shocked that the German government still refuses to compensate Letter to Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl

Robert Mugabe challenged to ‘take the test’

Research shows that most homophobes are repressed homosexuals The notoriously homophobic President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is being invited to take an erotic arousal test, to dispel suggestions that his antigay attitudes could be evidence of repressed homosexuality. Mugabe is arriving in Britain to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Edinburgh, from 24-27 Robert Mugabe challenged to ‘take the test’

Section 28 and sex education

Letter from the Department for Education and Employment Thank you for your letter … regarding sex education for young gay people in schools. Well planned and effectively presented sex education is vital. Young people need to gain the skills and understanding necessary to take responsible decisions about their personal and sexual behaviour. Although the responsibility Section 28 and sex education

Equal Rights Act – Protection for everyone

Peter Tatchell argues for the strengthening and expansion of the sex and race discrimination laws, through the legislation of a comprehensive Equal Rights Act, to ensure equality for everyone. There are at least a dozen different aspects of antigay discrimination which require law reform to ensure homosexual equality. These include: the equalisation of the age Equal Rights Act – Protection for everyone