Remembering the Gay Liberation Front

On 13 October 1970, the Gay Liberation Front was founded in Britain. It was a modest beginning, with 19 people meeting in a basement in the London School of Economics. But it grew rapidly and proved to be a defining, watershed moment in British queer history. From 1970 onwards, thanks to GLF, the lesbian, gay, Remembering the Gay Liberation Front

OutRage! is 20!

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have relaunched our website. We are in the process of collating, curating and uploading two decade’s worth of material, including old flyers and leaflets, press releases from seminal campaigns and a great deal of visual material from OutRage!’s first decade – from the iconic black-and-white photos of Steve Mayes to OutRage! is 20!

Homophobic terror in Iraq

Hasan Sabeh was a happy, talented 34 year old a transgender fashion designer, affectionately known as Tamara. He lived in the al-Mansor district of Baghdad. In January 2007, he was tending his fashion accessories stall in a street market. An Islamist death squad, wearing Iraqi police uniforms, seized Tamara, partially stripped his clothes off and, Homophobic terror in Iraq

The Future of OutRage!

The following article was written by David Allison, a member of OutRage!, and was published in the last issue of Outcast magazine. We are very keen to hear feedback about the article – please e-mail us or call David on 020 8240 0222. OutRageous new ideas On behalf of OutRage!, David Allison tracks the group’s The Future of OutRage!

Is Eminem queer?

“If I saw him in the street I would suspect he might be gay” “Is Eminem queer?”, asks Peter Tatchell of the gay rights group OutRage!. “To me, Eminem looks and dresses queer. His short-cropped, bleached blonde hair, earrings, tattoos and white vests are typical gay club fashion. It would be easy to mistake him Is Eminem queer?

Terry Connell – A tribute

Terry Connell, 57, died from a heart attack on Saturday, 25th March: just hours after being discharged from hospital after having suffered another heart attack a week earlier. Terry was the driving member of the Bolton Seven, who championed the cause of gay equality when they were prosecuted under the U.K.’s discriminatory sex laws. His Terry Connell – A tribute

In Memoriam: Martin Corbett

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623927881509″] MARTIN ROGER CORBETT Queer Activist and Saint 27-November-1944 – 11-July-1996 Martin Corbett, who died three years ago of AIDS aged 51, was one of the great unsung heroes of the struggle for gay liberation. Although rarely taking the limelight himself, his legendary behind-the-scenes organisational skills played a crucial role in every gay In Memoriam: Martin Corbett

Protest as Performance

Peter Tatchell celebrates the OutRage! art of activism, where style and symbolism are used to empower the struggle for queer emancipation Making A Scene: Performing Culture Into Politics, Henry Rogers and David Burrows (Editors), ARTicle Press in association with the IKON Gallery, Birmingham, 2000 In this chapter from Making A Scene, Peter Tatchell explains how Protest as Performance