Year: 1999

Section 28 does NOT Apply to Schools

There is NO Ban on Teaching about Gay Issues Call for new legal duty on schools to educate about gay sexuality and gay safer sex, and to stamp out homophobic prejudice and bullying Gay campaigners, MPs and London mayoral candidates are being criticised by OutRage! for making the misleading claim that Section 28 “prevents teachers Section 28 does NOT Apply to Schools

Zimbabwe: Charges Dropped against Morris, Tatchell & Williams

OutRage! Vow to Arrest Mugabe again if he returns to Britain OutRage! is claiming a legal and moral victory after all charges against the “Mugabe Three” –Chris Morris, Peter Tatchell and Alastair Williams– were dropped at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, London, on Friday, 10th December. The vindicated defendants walked free from court, jubilantly displaying placards Zimbabwe: Charges Dropped against Morris, Tatchell & Williams

Portillo – A (Temporary) Victory for Homophobia

The Moral Equivalent of Electing a Racist OutRage! is condemning Michael Portillo’s victory in the Kensington & Chelsea by-election as a “victory for homophobia”. “We are saddened that the voters have elected a candidate who supports discrimination against homosexuals”, said Peter Tatchell of OutRage!. “It is the moral equivalent of electing a racist.” “Portillo’s success Portillo – A (Temporary) Victory for Homophobia

Portillo Security lapse lets in OutRage!

Tory candidate, grilled by Tatchell, abandons tube station canvassing An extraordinary security gaffe by Tory party officials allowed their Kensington and Chelsea by-election candidate, Michael Portillo, to be grilled this morning for more than five minutes over his opposition to gay equality by queer rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell of OutRage!. Throughout the by-election campaign, Mr. Portillo Security lapse lets in OutRage!

Portillo Flees over Rooftops to avoid Questioning

HAGUE CANCELS PHOTO-CALL WITH PORTILLO TO AVOID TATCHELL Portillo scuttles out back exit of Fire Station, over rooftops and rear fire-escape Conservative Party leader William Hague cancelled a scheduled photo-call with his Kensington by-election candidate Michael Portillo this afternoon (Monday, 22nd November), after he received a frantic phone message from party minders to alert him Portillo Flees over Rooftops to avoid Questioning

Zimbabwe: Tatchell Death Threat

Letter headed with Zimbabwean colours OutRage! campaigner Peter Tatchell has received a death threat in response to his attempted citizen’s arrest of the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, on charges of torture and the abuse of gay human rights. The death threat appears to originate from Zimbabweans, as it is headed with the national colours of Zimbabwe: Tatchell Death Threat

Repeal of Section 28 “inadequate”

Schools must be legally required to combat homophobic bullying and to promote understanding and tolerance The new legislation to repeal Section 28 is being criticised by OutRage! as “inadequate”. “Scrapping Section 28 is no guarantee that teachers will challenge anti-gay prejudice and give adequate support to vulnerable lesbian and gay pupils”, said John Beeson of Repeal of Section 28 “inadequate”