Zimbabwe: Tatchell Death Threat

Letter headed with Zimbabwean colours

OutRage! campaigner Peter Tatchell has received a death threat in response to his attempted citizen’s arrest of the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, on charges of torture and the abuse of gay human rights.

The death threat appears to originate from Zimbabweans, as it is headed with the national colours of Zimbabwe.

It was posted from within Britain and included Mr Tatchell’s full home address and postcode. The letter arrived in the post on Saturday 20 November.

Mr Tatchell had earlier been tipped off that Mugabe’s agents in Britain may try to kill him in revenge for his citizen’s arrest of the President.

The death threat refers to President Mugabe and goes on to say:
“were (sic) out to get you, and stab your filthy queer body to death…DEATH TO ALL HOMOSEXUALS. Now run to the Gay police and beg for protection, because your (sic) going to need it”.

The death threat has been reported to Southwark police, who are now mounting an investigation and advising Mr Tatchell on enhanced security precautions at his already heavily fortified flat in south London.

The death threat was initially reported to PCs Quinton 444 and Denley 977 at Southwark Police Station in Borough High Street (020-737.8.12.12). Mr Tatchell’s safety and protection is being handled by WPC Frost at Rotherhithe Police Station (020-