Year: 1997

Response from the Pride Trust

Dear OutRage!, As promised The Pride Trust has read and considered your open letter. Despite the emotive phrases “dumbing down” and “de-gaying Pride”, to which we take particular offence, we believe your general comments to be constructive. With performers it is nigh impossible to insist that they make a political statement prior to their set. Response from the Pride Trust

Queer Remembrance Day – Invitation

OutRage! invite you to join us in commemorating QUEER REMEMBRANCE DAY on Sunday, 2-November-1997, London (the Sunday before official Remembrance Sunday). QUEER REMEMBRANCE DAY is organised by OutRage! in conjunction with other lesbian and gay groups, including Rank Outsiders. 2:00 p.m., at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, SW1 Ceremony of Remembrance to commemorate the lesbians, gays, and Queer Remembrance Day – Invitation

An Open Letter to the Pride Trust

While we are immensely appreciative of the work done by the staff and volunteers of the Pride Trust, we are dismayed by the recent trend to dumb-down and de-gay Pride. Each year’s Pride events should have a different, concrete human rights theme, such as “Equal Age of Consent”, “Partnership Recognition”, “Equality at Work”, and “Parenting An Open Letter to the Pride Trust

Animal research delayed protease inhibitors for four years

Peter Tatchell argues that animal experimentation is undermining the fight against AIDS and jeopardising the lives of people with HIV. The development of live-saving protease inhibitors was delayed for four years by the pharmaceutical company Merck because the drugs killed laboratory dogs and rats, according to the Washington Post Magazine, (1-May-1997). During those four years, Animal research delayed protease inhibitors for four years

Labour vetoes Equality

Government defends discrimination in sexual offences law OutRage! has warned that the newly-agreed equal age of consent will not apply to Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, and that Tony Blair is unwilling to press the local parliaments to equalise their ages of consent at 16, to bring them into line with the rest Labour vetoes Equality