Tatchell Essay in Book on 20th Century Protest

An essay by gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of OutRage! is featured in ‘The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Protest’, ISBN = 0-67087052-8.

The new book is edited by Brian MacArthur, Associate Editor of ‘The Times’.

It is described by its publisher, Penguin, as an anthology of some of the “most striking and effective” protest writing that “charts the vivid and impassioned debates that surrounded the great themes and events of the twentieth century”.

MacArthur’s book is launched next Monday, 12th October, at the Garrick Club in London.

Tatchell’s essay, “Call Us Queer”, is an exposition of queer politics that originally appeared in ‘The Independent on Sunday’ on 26-July-1992.

His contribution is sandwiched between essays by Ken Saro-Wiwa and Arthur M. Schlesinger. It is one of only four contributions in the book by gay writers — the others being AndrĂ© Gide, James Baldwin, and Peter Wildeblood.

The book features 200 essays by notable figures of twentieth century protest, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Germain Greer, Nelson Mandela, Leon Trotsky, Simone de Beauvoir, Martin Luther King, Norman Mailer and Sylvia Pankhurst.