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From our archives: A selection of photos from OutRage! campaigns in the early and mid 1990s

© OutRage! 1990-2010. You are free to use this photo to illustrate news stories and articles about OutRage!, the lesbian and gay human rights group, with credit to the group and photographer. For all other uses, please inquire. Photos: Steve Mayes, OutRage! (unless indicated otherwise)

George Galloway: Propagandist for Iranian regime


George Galloway MP repeats the slander that gay Iranians are executed for “committing sex crimes againts young men” not because they’re gay – on the Matthew Wright show, 13 March 2008.

Galloway digs in even deeper, now claiming that gay people can “meet for trysts” openly in the centre of Tehran. (C5, Wright Stuff, 14 March 2008)

Uganda – LGBT Human Rights Abuses

Homophobic witch-hunt in Uganda

Sun: Gay or Street?

But David Allison, of pressure group Outrage, said: “Gay people are too often portrayed as limp-wristed, handbag-swinging poofs. This is a great step forward.”

BBC Sponsor Singer who says: Kill Gays!

Buju Banton heads BBC London Live Music Festival

BBC Radio London Live (formerly GLR) is the main sponsor of Buju Banton’s performance at the Festival of Peace and Love in London today, Sunday, 23rd July, 2000.

The festival at Three Mills Island in east London, being held to celebrate Jamaican culture and the life of reggae legend Bob Marley, includes a set by Banton.

Banton is notorious for, in 1992, writing and performing Boom Bye Bye glorifies the shooting of gay men, urging people to get a gun and blow out the brains of a “batty boy”, (pejorative Jamaican slang for homosexual). Subsequently he has said that gays should be treated like discarded tyres and burned.

The furore that arose in both this country and in the USA forced him to apologise on the Channel 4 programme The Word on 4th December, 1992: but not before massive cancellations of TV and other appearances on both sides of the Atlantic hit hard.

An interview published on the 29th May, 2000 in New Nation, a newspaper serving members of the black community, includes a reiteration by Banton of his homophobic views and a denial that he had ever recanted or changed these views.

In consequence of the intervention of OutRage!, of Black Gays and Lesbians Against Media Homophobia, of Eurogay internet magazine, and of our approach to Jenny Abramsky (Director, BBC Radio), the Editor of London Live immediately stopped promotion of the festival on his station and obtained assurances from the Festival’s PR people that ‘Boom Bye Bye’ would not be part of Banton’s set. Banton’s own PR people, however, were not so forthcoming and give rise to concern that he may be planning to use the his mantra of hate at other venues, in the UK or elsewhere.

OutRage! and Black Gays and Lesbians Against Media Homophobia are working with Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation, (GLAAD), in the USA where Banton is planning a tour to promote his recent album Unchained Spirit. .

Outcast’s Printers Intimidated

The latest edition of Outcast, a small but well-respected gay magazine, has had to be cancelled because the company that usually prints it say their staff have been intimidated and fear reprisal attacks if they go ahead with the printing.

The February edition of Outcast contained an editorial and a half-page article detailing irregularities in the registration at Companies House of Mardi Gras 2000 Ltd.: a commercial enterprise owned in part by gay press barons Kelvin Sollis, David Bridle, and Tony Claffey.

Following the appearance of this article, solicitors Mischon de Reya acting for Chronos Publishing Limited, publishers of the Pink Paper and Boyz, wrote to Outcast’s Internet Service Provider, NetBenefit PLC, fearing that Outcast might publish something defamatory in a future article that might be published on their website.

On the 29th March at 4 p.m., Outcast received a letter from NetBenefit, warning that: “we advise you that we will suspend your website with effect from 6 p.m. today unless we receive from your solicitors written assurance that the entire content of your website does not contain any defamatory material”. After such impossibly short notice, NetBenefit then shut Outcast’s website down at 7 p.m..

Outcast has now been forced to move the content onto a server in America, (operating via the original URL of

Outcast has traditionally printed provocative articles that challenge the ‘gay scene’ and the ‘pink pound’ economy. It has published controversial articles by writers including Ken Livingstone MP, Peter Tatchell, Mark Simpson, Emma Butcher, and Paul Burston. This originality and independence have led to it being attacked by mainstream gay titles, most of which print only a narrow, highly commercial and ‘London-centric’ view of gay life.

OutRage! condemns the bullying tactics that have been used to gag Outcast and censor free speech. It would be serious enough if these tactics were being used by homophobes to silence a gay magazine: but for a powerful gay company like Chronos to be resorting to these depths indicates very strongly that they have something to hide.

We don’t believe that Outcast has done anything wrong. Their articles are checked by David Price (a leading libel lawyer who defended Scallywag magazine against John Major): and they have never been taken to court over any issue in the past. If they are guilty of anything, it is of knowing too much about how the gay establishment works ‘behind the scenes’, and daring to tell their readers the truth about it.

Statement by NetBenefit, 6-April-2000

Outcast, a customer of NetBenefit’s web hosting services, recently claimed that NetBenefit had attempted to censor Outcast. NetBenefit rejects this.

NetBenefit does not censor any web site it hosts. NetBenefit is happy to host a web site such as Outcast – Outcast was accepted as a NetBenefit customer without question. NetBenefit will continue to support customers who seek to use the web to publish their views, whatever views they espouse, provided they keep within the law and do not expose NetBenefit to unacceptable risks which are clearly spelled out in NetBenefit’s terms of business.

NetBenefit has been advised, following the case involving Demon and Laurence Godfrey, that we are obliged to review the content of a web site once we have received a warning that potential defamatory material is expected to appear on it and to act very quickly if potentially defamatory material is found. This applies to all Internet hosting companies operating under English law. We received advice that Outcast actually had on their web site material that was potentially defamatory. NetBenefit had no choice but to take action to avoid an unacceptable risk of being drawn into one or more costly legal disputes which were not of its own making but in which NetBenefit, merely a provider of web space, could be held liable to the same extent as someone who uses that web space to publish a defamatory statement. The Demon case has shown this to be a real risk for providers of web space and ISPs in the UK.

NetBenefit was entitled under the terms of business Outcast accepted, to suspend Outcast’s web site without notice, but instead NetBenefit gave notice before suspending Outcast’s web site and sought strong assurances from Outcast: specifically an assurance from a lawyer about the then current content of the site and Outcast’s assurances about its arrangements for future content. Outcast responded to NetBenefit, acknowledging NetBenefit may be liable for any defamatory content Outcast publishes. Outcast failed to confirm its existing content was not defamatory, and indicated Outcast is not in a position financially to have its content checked by a lawyer but gave no assurance that future content would not be defamatory. Outcast alleged the suspension of their web site was censorship and gave an ultimatum demanding the lifting of the suspension. Outcast’s response therefore contained no assurances whatever and NetBenefit declined to reinstate access to the web space, which Outcast since decided to relocate.

We recognise Outcast is in the business of publishing and so understands these issues. We would invite Outcast to campaign on the real issue: the need for a change in the law to allow Internet hosting companies, like NetBenefit, to provide the service Outcast and others are seeking.

OutRage! supports the Guardian’s ‘Freedom of Information’ Campaign

“Under Jack Straw’s flawed legislation, the Government and police will have discretionary power to withhold information on human rights abuses,” said OutRage! spokesman Peter Tatchell.

“The bungled police investigation into the still unsolved queer-bashing murder of gay actor Michael Boothe in 1990 will probably remain shrouded in official secrecy; as will the recent homophobic harassment waged by officers at London’s West End Central police station against their gay colleagues.

“Also likely to be exempt is information on the formulation of Government policy regarding its refusal in April to protect homosexuals against discrimination at work; and its current strategy of fighting in the European Court of Human Rights to maintain the ban on gays in the military.”

Pledge your support to the Guardian campaign, and tell them about your experiences:
or write, marking the envelope FoI campaign, to
Jamie Wilson, The Guardian, 119 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R

BBC urged to scrap BNP broadcast

BBC urged to scrap BNP broadcast , 21-May-1999
©1999 John Hunt/OutRage! London

OutRage! activists joined protests on Friday, 21st May against the BBC over its decision to give air-time to the neonazi British National Party.

Just hours before the BNP’s European election manifesto was due to be transmitted on Friday, 21st May 1999, OutRage! picketed the BBC headquarters, Broadcasting House, in central London, to demand that the BBC “pull the plug on racism and homophobia”.

At the protest –organised by the National Assembly Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League– OutRage! placards urged the BBC to “Revoke licence to promote hatred” and “Scrap air-time for inciting violence”.

“It defies belief that, just weeks after the London nail-bombings, the BBC has given air-time to the hate-mongers of the BNP”, said John Hunt, one of the OutRage! protesters.

“These neonazis encourage the homophobia and racism behind the recent bomb blasts. The BBC should have followed the example of Channel 4 and Channel 5 in refusing to broadcast the BNP’s propaganda”, Hunt added. “The BBC claim that they are legally obliged to transmit the broadcasts, stating variously that this is because the BNP are contesting over 50 seats or because they are contesting all seats. Tellingly, they are unable to say which Act of Parliament forces them to do this, and weakly advise persistent callers to ask their Local Government Officers for details.”

To complain to the BBC, ring 08700-100 222, (calls are charged at the “national” rate) or write to: Complaints, BBC, London W12 7RJ.

Outing of Nick Brown condemned

30 other closeted mps vulnerable to tabloid exposure

The outing of Agriculture Minister Nick Brown by the threat of tabloid kiss-and-tell relevations about his private life has heen condemned by OutRage!.

“There is no public interest justification for Nick Brown being pressured to disclose his sexuality”, said Peter Tatchell of OutRage!.

“He is not a hypocrite or a homophobe. His public pronouncements on gay issues are consistent with his private behaviour. In the absence of hypocrisy, the outing of Nick Brown is totally indefensible.

“On the three major gay civil rights issues –the age of consent, military service and Section 28– Nick Brown voted in favour of gay equality.

“The Prime Minister is to be applauded for standing by his man. Nick Brown should be judged on his ability to do his job, not on his sexual orientation. Tony Blair has reconfirmed that being gay is no bar to Ministerial office. This will, hopefully, encourage more MPs to come out.

“Nine MPs are now out, but more than 30 are still hiding their homosexuality and could be vulnerable to similar kiss-and-tell exposure.

“These MPs belong to all three main parties. Many are married. Some hold high-level parliamentary and government positions. Because of their secretive double-life and resort to anonymous casual sex, they are easy targets for tabloid exposure and blackmail.

“It would be better for everyone –the MPs, their families and the political process– if closeted MPs came out. Being open about their sexuality would avoid a repeat of the undignified exposure experienced by Ron Davies, Peter Mandelson and Nick Brown.”

Britain now has more out gay mps than any other country

Six MPs have voluntarily came out, and three others have been outed or pressured to come out by media – Nick Brown being the latest.

This brings the total of identified gay MPs to nine. Britain now has more publicly known homosexual MPs than any other country in the world.

OutRage! does not support the outing of MPs unless they are hypocritical or homophobic. Those who merely hide their homosexuality should not be forced out. But if MPs publicly bash the gay community and vote for antigay discrimination, outing is justified.