Lords oppose equality again

The evil Baroness Young of Farnworth was successful in getting the House of Lords to kill the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, which would have equalised the age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual activity. At the end of a debate which started at tea-time on Tuesday, 13th April, peers divided at 11:55, voting on Lady Lords oppose equality again

Decima Exhibition: Art or Blasphemy?

The Catholic Media Office and Evangelical Alliance have written to complain about the exhibition “Was Jesus a Homosexual?” currently on show at London’s Decima Gallery. Although the Catholic Media Office declined to send anyone to view the exhibition, the Evangelical Alliance sent a Free Presbyterian priest (the same extremist sect as the notorious Rev. Dr. Decima Exhibition: Art or Blasphemy?

OutRage!: An Oral History

Review of Ian Lucas’s book on the history of OutRage! from 1990 to 1996 “The world looks different from this end of the telescope and this is what it looks like.” (Steve Mayes) Ian Lucas’s “OutRage! An Oral History” chronicles the rise of queer direct action in nineties Britain in the words of the activists OutRage!: An Oral History

Justin Fashanu destroyed by homophobia

“Justin’s death is a tragedy. He was a sincere, warm-hearted person who was destroyed by homophobia, Christian fundamentalism, and a lack of support from fellow football players and managers”, according to Peter Tatchell of OutRage!, who knew Fashanu from the early 1980’s. Tatchell recalls: “We met at the London gay nightclub ‘Heaven’ in 1982. I Justin Fashanu destroyed by homophobia

New Dark Ages: The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Britain

Peter Tatchell documents the global threat of Islamic Fundamentalism The New Dark Ages are already with us. For hundreds of millions of people in parts of the Middle-East, Africa and South-East Asia, the ascendancy of Islamic fundamentalism has ushered in an era of religious obscurantism and intolerance. The liberal, compassionate wing of Islam –although it New Dark Ages: The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Britain

Catholic Homophobia

by Peter Tatchell In November 1992, after 359 years, the Catholic Church finally admitted it was wrong to condemn Galileo as a heretic for arguing that the Earth was not the centre of the universe. How many centuries will it take before the Vatican acknowledges the equally historic wrong it has perpetrated against lesbians and Catholic Homophobia

The Outing of Bishop Hope

In March 1995, the then Bishop of London, Dr. David Hope, called an impromptu press conference where he announced that his sexuality was a “grey area”. He claimed that he had been forced to make this announcement because he was being pressured and intimidated by Peter Tatchell of the gay rights group OutRage!, who had The Outing of Bishop Hope

AIDS Research wasted on animal testing

by Peter Tatchell As Hollywood is pressured to choose between AIDS research and animal rights, Peter Tatchell argues that animal experiments are scientifically flawed and unethical. AIDS awareness and animal rights are the two biggest Hollywood causes célèbres. Now stars are being told they can’t be in favour of both. AIDS activists claim there will AIDS Research wasted on animal testing

The Pink Pound – Gay Businesses should not exploit their Staff

Have you ever felt short-changed by the Gay Business Association’s endless perpetuation of the so called “Pink Pound”? It’s a seductive concept: the idea of a mass of issue-conscious, gay, lesbian and bisexual consumers, capable of (and willing to) exercise their purchasing power to the detriment of businesses that hurt queers … it’s certainly something The Pink Pound – Gay Businesses should not exploit their Staff