Guardian: Gay men urged to out DUP members after MP’s ‘abomination’ remark

OutRage! – the UK gay rights organisation – said it would be “entirely justified” to out any unionist politician in the wake of remarks by DUP MP Iris Robinson.

David Allison, a spokesperson for OutRage!, condemned the DUP for its “Bible-belt politics” when it came to gay issues.

“We have always supported the protection of people’s privacy who lead a double life, where they are gay but maybe still have a family. However in circumstances where you are a member of a political party which openly espouses homophobia than we think it is entirely justifiable that members of that party be outed.

“That is certainly so with the DUP. It’s already happened to them before and they still have learned no lessons,” he said.

Allison was referring to a scandal that rocked the DUP three years ago when one of its rising stars, Paul Berry, was accused of having had gay sex with a male masseur at a Belfast hotel.