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Religious SORS Protest

[flickr_set id=”72157594471216718″] Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims protesting outside the House of Lords, London, January 9, 2007, against the inclusion of gays and lesbians in anti-discrimination legislation for the provision of goods and services. Faith groups are already protected by law but do not want LGBT people included. Nevertheless, despite the protest by the religious bigots, Religious SORS Protest

Outcast’s Printers Intimidated

The latest edition of Outcast, a small but well-respected gay magazine, has had to be cancelled because the company that usually prints it say their staff have been intimidated and fear reprisal attacks if they go ahead with the printing. The February edition of Outcast contained an editorial and a half-page article detailing irregularities in Outcast’s Printers Intimidated

Virgin Insurance – Letter to Richard Branson

Is ‘gay-friendly’ company loading insurance premiums? Richard Branson Virgin Communications Ltd 186 Campden Hill Road London W8 7CH 23 February 1999 Dear Sir, Some weeks ago I applied for Virgin life insurance. During a telephone conversation I was asked questions about my sexuality that I feel were intrusive and discriminatory. Your agent conducted the interview Virgin Insurance – Letter to Richard Branson