OutRage! invites Blair to “kick ass”

Following receipt of lacklustre replies from the Home Office and the Department of Education to letters sent in the wake of the Soho bombing, OutRage! has written to the Prime Minister, inviting him to effect coordination and instill a sense of urgency by assigning responsibility to a competent, dynamic and committed individual, who is empowered OutRage! invites Blair to “kick ass”

Pride March in London 1999

[flickr_set id=”72157623925074659″] Pride March, London, 1999 , 3-July-1999 ©1999 John Hunt/OutRage! London This picture may be copied in the cause of furthering our aims, provided that the source is acknowledged.

DANGER! Labour Age of Consent Fudge

OutRage! has condemned the Government’s proposals for new legislation in the autumn on the age of consent as “vague, minimalist, insulting and manipulative”. It is accusing Labour of “actively undermining attempts to broaden the scope of law reform beyond the age of consent, and of blatantly refusing to negotiate with gay rights organisations and MPs DANGER! Labour Age of Consent Fudge

Gays demand share of looted Nazi gold

Bid to win Compensation for Homosexuals persecuted by Hitler Members of OutRage! picketed the London conference on looted Nazi gold at Lancaster House today, Tuesday, 2nd December. The protesters held placards demanding “Compensate gay victims of Nazism”. They were greeted with a friendly smile and a wave from British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, as he Gays demand share of looted Nazi gold

Section 28 and sex education

Letter from the Department for Education and Employment Thank you for your letter … regarding sex education for young gay people in schools. Well planned and effectively presented sex education is vital. Young people need to gain the skills and understanding necessary to take responsible decisions about their personal and sexual behaviour. Although the responsibility Section 28 and sex education

Labour vetoes Equality

Government defends discrimination in sexual offences law OutRage! has warned that the newly-agreed equal age of consent will not apply to Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, and that Tony Blair is unwilling to press the local parliaments to equalise their ages of consent at 16, to bring them into line with the rest Labour vetoes Equality