Elton’s duet with Eminem is “misguided”

Elton John’s plans to duet with Eminem at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles are being criticised as “misguided” by the British gay rights group OutRage!.

“This duet should only go ahead on the condition that Eminem make a clear public statement condemning homophobic discrimination and violence”, said OutRage!’s Peter Tatchell.

“If Eminem cannot express support for gay human rights, Elton should call off the collaboration”.

“Elton says he wants to break down barriers. That’s fine. But breaking down barriers is a two way process. So far, Elton is willing to to give Eminem the benefit of the doubt, but Eminem is not reciprocating”.

“Eminem has declined to distance himself from his violently anti-gay lyrics. He will not say anything supportive of the gay community. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Eminem is homophobic. Elton should have nothing to do with him”.

“It is a curious alliance – a bit like a Jewish performer doing a duet with an avowed Nazi”.

“I doubt Elton would do a concert with a singer who advocated raping and lynching black people. Why, then, is he consorting with a rap artist who fantasises about raping women and killing gay people?”, queried Tatchell.